Boat Series

Silver Ships builds customized aluminum vessels that follow design standards based on our four series of boats – Ambar, Endeavor, Explorer, Freedom and Catamaran. Each series includes various standard features and sizing options, as well as mission-specific outfitting capabilities.

Click on each series to learn more about its build, features and most applicable mission applications. 

Law enforcement Ambar Series aluminum boat


Ambar Series

Ambar Series vessels are part of the Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB) familyThe original “hybrid” air and foam collar gives Ambar vessels incredible stability and a virtually unsinkable quality.



Endeavor Series

Endeavor Series vessels feature a deep-vee variable deadrise hull that produces a smooth, dry and stable ride. This series’ stability and load carrying ability make for an ideal workboat, including for patrol and survey.



Explorer Series

Explorer Series vessels feature a modified vee hull with recessed cargo bay that provides a stable work platform. They offer high load carrying capacity and shallow draft for loading and unloading applications.



Freedom Series

Freedom Series vessels feature an ergonomically designed platform for single officer operation. Typically used for law enforcement, Freedom Series vessels are designed with the needs of the boarding officer in mind.

Law enforcement Freedom Series aluminum boat


Trooper Series

Trooper Series vessels are a hybrid between our successful Ambar and Freedom series. Typically used for patrol and inspection, Freedom Series vessels are designed with the needs of the boarding officer in mind.



Catamaran Series

Catamaran Series vessels feature a stable planing catamaran hull form. These vessels are often used for hydrographic surveying operations, as its design provides ample room for a spacious cabin and working decks.