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If you’re not necessarily in the market for a new workboat, but are looking to update your current vessel, Silver Ships can refurbish aluminum workboats.

We offer comprehensive refurbishment services for all makes and models of aluminum workboats that will make your boat look and feel like new. When it comes to refurbishing a vessel, we can help with the following:

• Hull designed to meet the ABS rules for High Speed Naval Craft
• Updated paint job
• Replace electronics
• Replace with new motors, same engines or potentially upgrade power
• Alteration from inboard engines to outboard engines

Featured Build

This aluminum boat was originally built by Silver Ships in 1992 and was refurbished in 2017. The boat serves as support for ALDOT’s Dive Team mission of inspecting bridges above and below water, along with other tasks.

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Many Silver Ships customers rely on our after-delivery support. Our products and services are provided in a seamless and timely manner throughout all stages of a project. Ready to get started?